The Almanac for Farmers & City Folk

A Best Seller, Year After Year...
2023 Edition currently available.

The Farmers Almanac for Farmers and City Folk Cover - Canadian and USA Versions Available

The fastest growing Farmer's Almanac with the most accurate weather forecasting... over 80% accurate! Millions sold. A truly American Tradition.

This delightful (with NO ADS), 192 page publication contains all the features you'd expect to find in a farmer's almanac, including Weather Forecasts, Fishing, Planting, and Tide Tables, and Astronomical Data...all for fourteen months, beginning November 2022.

THE ALMANAC also is packed with intriguing and informative stories and articles on a wide variety of interesting subjects for the whole family. There are plenty of stories and articles, trivia, nostalgia, anecdotes, cookery, and puzzles, as well as lots of helpful information.

3 year subscriptions are $ 20.95, see order form.


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